27th Mar 2016 - New DNS for server web1.hosting1976.fr

To increase resilience/speed/network stability of the resolution of domain names in the network worldwide, we have created a 3rd DNS.

This information only regards those who are using already our DNS :
nsa.hosting1976.fr (local DNS at server in France, OVH network)
nsb.hosting1976.fr (remote DNS located in Tcheck Republic, Aruba network)

1. The refresh operation is in progress on all the domains we manage : you have to do nothing for domains bought through us. If you also have other domains at external registrars using our DNS, please follow the step at point 2.

2. Your domains are based at other registrars, simply add this DNS :        nsc.hosting1976.fr
(remote DNS located in Canada, OVH network )

At the end, you must have this for your domain :
nsa.hosting1976.fr   (In case your registrar forces you to add IP, here it is : )
nsb.hosting1976.fr   (In case your registrar forces you to add IP, here it is : - Note that this one has been updated 7 days ago, update IP if necessary !)
nsc.hosting1976.fr   (In case your registrar forces you to add IP, here it is : )

NB :
- if you currently don't use our DNS, you have nothing to do
- this improvement causes no perturbation because existing DNS remains stable.
- don't wait to update this new DNS to avvoid resolution issues/slow down of your website !

You can check the actual situation of your domain here :

(After any changes, you will have to wait sometimes to see the new situation properly updated : from 5 minutes to 12-24 hours !)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

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