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You must buy a hosting service to be able to register/transfer a domain name with us...

Hidden Whois feature included. Indeed, some extensions can partially or utterly hide your Whois information.

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Domaine names YOORshop

At YOORshop you can fully manage all the features relating to the domains from your client area.

We work with 3 main registrars in white label. You may well keep your domains at your actual registrar (cheapest is Bookmyname), and point them to your hosting account with us by simply changing the DNS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page. If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

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Yes, any domain related issue will be dealt by our support department.
Yes on hosting services, but it is not possible on domain names.
After you have bought at same time your domain name, or updated DNS of your existing domain, thanks to Softaculous included in your cpanel, this is the way by which you will be able to create a nice website with a few clicks...
For new domains, creation is immmediate, and it takes 30-60 minutes for the DNS to spread in network. However a domain transfer can be finalized with a very variable time because it is linked to the conditions of the outgoing registrar/extension...
If your business target is national, with no doubt, you must choose the country extension. If not, you can use .com, .net or .eu for Europe...
For a domain : none. Managing your hosting account requires just you to read/discover how it works, we have many articles in our Knowledge base to help you, our support is here for that too. For webmastering questions, you must refer to related forum/knowledge base of teh editor of CMS if any.