Our Company

YOORshop is a French company founded in 2014 by Johann Carnevali, and belong to group YOORhosting Technologies.

YOORshop is an SAS with variable capital whose share capital is € 2,500 and authorized capital of € 250,000. Registered in Lyon company trade center with number 817466147, the head office is located at 38 place des Pavillons, 69007 Lyon, France. Its VAT number is FR27817466147, and the international DUNS is 267747610.

The word of the President : 'I will act as the main guarantee for keeping constant high quality, and at the cost of curbing our growth if needed...'

YOORshop mission

We wish to offer the more performant hosting possible, a very reactive help desk support while remaining accessible to anyone.

YOORshop vision

We have remarked that quality is very heterogeneous in offers of this market, this is here we make sure we alway outperform...

YOORshop history

YOORshop was created in early 2014 by Johann Carnevali (President). Our head office is located in center of Lyon, a dynamic city

Our Values

SLA hosting

SLA agreement


Maximizing uptime, and make evolve our infrastructure is a constant worry with us. Redundancy Tier 4 : 2N+1

Performant web hosting



Our know-how in server administration is transcribed by a very fast loading speed of websites.

Functionalities web hosting



Keeping services easy to use, powerful, and evolving is something we care also about for end users.

Money back web hosting



Quality guaranteed by '30 days money back guarantee', because we have confidence in our solution...

Board of Directors

Johann Carnevali

Johann Carnevali

President Founder Manager

Johann Carnevali

Steven Vanhalst

Chief Executive Officer

Johann Carnevali

Anoop Alias

Chief Technical Officer

Our Data Centers

YOORshop is holding servers in 20 data centers of last generation worldwide. Servers are monitored 24/7 at multiple layers. Since our inception in 2014, we have had many opportunities to demonstrate to our clients our expertise and reliability in solving complex issues. Concerning the continuity of the quality of our services, many reviews has been submitted by our customers on different channels and are the best evidence and explanations about the superior quality of web hosting services offered by YOORshop...

The respect of environment is an important background priority. Liquid cooling and air circulation optimization technologies are maximized to completely replace air conditioning. For the rest, the deployment of renewable energy sources is constantly deployed in order to maximize the environment respect grade, but also to reduce the energy bills as well...

Over 5000 satisfied clients around the globe...

Safe Touch +

Date : 24 July 2020

Very fast quality host for our website under Prestashop. We are very happy with the responsiveness of the support !

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iWeb Synthesis

Date : 27 January 2020

This is the best eCommerce hosting service for small business. I got a faster loading speed than at my previous web host. My websites are using CMS like Wordpress, Prestashop. Support is very reactive with less than 20 minutes average response time and competent.

More, the best part is the 24x7 service. They provide quick solution of any kind of issue in no time.

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Barf Food France

Date : 31 October 2019

Excellent host, high performance and fast support for a very attractive rate, I recommend to all this host.

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Date : 11 August 2019

Having a good host is essential when our economic activity depends on mail order on the internet in France and abroad. We renew our thanks to the YOORshop team for the quality of its services.
Together we are making progress and our small company is digging its way !

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Date : 25 March 2019

Recommended web host for the quality of service, responsive support, good value overall. Special attention from Yoorshop for safety, a very important criterion for us beyond performance and price.

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Vapoteur Privé

Date : 08 March 2019

Very good service, very responsive and attentive.
"In accordance with French law, we inform you that this review has been filed in exchange for a counterparty as described in Article 16.4 of our TOS"

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Côtes et Lacs

Date : 26 December 2018

Yoorshop is a fast web host, providing fast web hosting services and an extremely well-stocked knowledge base for webmasters. Special mention for the transfer of free Internet site, and for their management of Internet security ...
With my previous host I received spam constantly despite anti-spam filters so-called workforce that never sorted the good mails. With yoorshop, all sent emails arrive to their recipients, and all the real spam is ejected by the system. Their mode of operation (sending emails in smtp from prestashop and wordpress in particular) also allows not to be blacklisted, and to prevent possible future PB e-mail. What about the speed of hosting, with the Opcache system based on the server, my site is extremely fast and despite the very low cost of hosting first level, the difference is huge with my previous host. Do not ask them to take the place of your webmaster, if you seek one, they will tell you, but it is not their job. If necessary, however, they will be able to refer you via their knowledge base to the solution they think is the best. Their job is accommodation and they practice it in the best and most transparent way. Their assistance is reactive, and they refer you in the hour, however the main interest in them is that we do not have to resort to it, or rarely. The maintenance tasks in progress are also specified in the back office, and are systematically made during low hours at night ... Thank you for your high-performance services.

"In accordance with French law, we inform you that this review has been filed in exchange for a counterparty as described in Article 16.4 of our TOS"

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Date : 20 October 2018

Bravo Yoorshop ! We have been working with Yoorshop for many years now. Our host has been able to accompany us, with skill and dexterity, in our development...

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Date : 16 June 2018

Our site was hosted by one of the leaders of the French web but with more and more problems at the level of customer service, not counting the number of times that our ecommerce website was slow or even out of service.

I found a recommendation on Yoorshop and the difference in speed of our website is blatant, always available & even the order feedback via the app is much faster. Their customer service is top because they answer you and find a solution within the hour !

I can advise you 1000% these real actors of the French web for the success of your website !

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Date : 05 June 2018

Delighted in every way ! I recommend this host and would not change for anything in the world
"In accordance with French law, we inform you that this review has been filed in exchange for a counterparty as described in Article 16.4 of our TOS"

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