2nd Jun 2021 - New plugin to allow your IP for SSH

Good news,

To facilitate the use of SSH, once you requested us to enable access, you can allow your IP from cPanel

See icon 'SSH Whitelist' in your cPanel, give a name for 'Label', and insert your IP, then press update

Our related article has been updated :


7th Apr 2021 - Small business Home Router SafeStream VPN Multi-WAN Gigabit TL-R605


Today, we recommend a very good little router that performs well, and is secure by default without the need for knowledge.

Suffice to say that the routers provided by the suppliers are inefficient and not very secure.

So, for almost 65 €, opt for a router with excellent value for money, the Tp-link TL-R605 :


Strong points :

  • 2 access providers can be connected in order to automatically change if one no longer works
  • multiple VPN access methods
  • good firewall security and excellent performance with quad core processor using 128 MB integrated RAM

23rd Mar 2021 - High availability of a dynamic site with Cloudflare

Hello, You were frightened by the last OVH incident and you are looking to improve your situation, or even have high availability and a real business recovery plan? All this has been possible at YOORshop for many years! YOORshop did not implement its solutions yesterday, site security like data security, then performance, have been in our DNA ... Read More »

16th Mar 2021 - Web Hosting : explanations about the Disaster Recovery Plan

Hello everyone, Today, we have decided to communicate on something which we are ready for long time, but, many people being under panic even if their site has not been affected, want to know more in general, and how YOORshop is dealing with this crucial point. With tragedy event of OVH data center in Strasbourg on marsh 9th 2021, fears for data ... Read More »