4th Feb 2024 - End of L2TP VPN service

Good morning,

Due to the underutilization of this service, its maintenance costs, and the fact that anonymization functions are gradually integrated into web browsers, it no longer appears necessary to offer such a service.


YOORshop Team

2nd Feb 2024 - New website builder from cPanel named Sitejet Builder

Good morning,

cPanel has launched a new fairly comprehensive tool for creating websites of all kinds. New feature icon is in Domains section of your cPanel.

The documentation is here and covers all the functions:




17th Jan 2024 - New PHP version 8.3

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the activation of PHP version 8.3 on all servers.

At your service,

YOORshop team

15th Oct 2023 - Backups frequency and numbers improved

Dear all,

From now, all types of services will benefit from following backups :

15 last days backups + last 6 monthly backups

For VPS, the number of backups will switch from 7 last days to 15 last days.

This will increase quality of our services

Thanks, and enjoy...

YOORshop Team