23rd Jan 2021 - Bored with Coronavirus news ? let's talk of the CO2 threat

Hey folks, Let's distract ourselves with another subject than the coronavirus one which liquefy us daily, I want to cross things with CO2 subject where Elon musk recently hitted the anthill with his lottery announcement about a 100 M$ prize, for who would propose the best technology to capture CO2...  Well, this is a gigantic financial prize ... Read More »

20th Jan 2021 - Quality Award Top 10 VPS hosting provider by HostAdvice

We are happy to announce that YOORshop has been awarded Top 10 quality for VPS over 2454 companies, check our page there : https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/yoorshop-reviews/

We are eager to see same thing happening in shared hosting... As a reminder, we are still from far the fastest hosting tested, click here

1st Jan 2021 - Happy New Year 2021 TO ALL !

Happy New Year 2021 !

new year 2021

13th Dec 2020 - Changement sauvegarde VPS


We are going to switch to a 7 day incremental backup mode to gain efficiency and optimize disk performance overnight, and the request will have to be made by ticket if there is a need for a restore on a specific day.

Only a backup made on Sunday will be available from the Virtualizor management panel


YOORshop team