5th Oct 2023 - Dougs, efficient and cheap online accounting

This article has not been traduced from French, because it refers to a provider who operates only in France.

15th Sep 2023 - Activation of F2A customer area authentication

From this page in your customer area, you can now optionnally activate 2FA authentication :


4th Aug 2023 - Create new users in cPanel

As of August 04, 2023, you can now add a temporary or permanent user to cPanel.

In summary, see the 'Manage Team' icon in your cPanel. then, create a user with his email (the password must be initialized by you at this time, then give the user the cPanel login address with his chosen email and password), then , the possible roles, and a possible validity period of the access.

Complete source reference in English on the cPanel site :


13th Feb 2023 - New PHP version 8.2

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the activation of PHP version 8.2 on all servers.

At your service,

YOORshop team