23rd Mar 2021 - High availability of a dynamic site with Cloudflare

Hello, You were frightened by the last OVH incident and you are looking to improve your situation, or even have high availability and a real business recovery plan? All this has been possible at YOORshop for many years! YOORshop did not implement its solutions yesterday, site security like data security, then performance, have been in our DNA ... Read More »

16th Mar 2021 - Web Hosting : explanations about the Disaster Recovery Plan

Hello everyone, Today, we have decided to communicate on something which we are ready for long time, but, many people being under panic even if their site has not been affected, want to know more in general, and how YOORshop is dealing with this crucial point. With tragedy event of OVH data center in Strasbourg on marsh 9th 2021, fears for data ... Read More »

29th Jan 2021 - PHP 8.0 is out in your cPanel


From today, PHP 8 is available is your cPanel. This is a fresh General release, normallly all should work fine !

Faster ? yes, check this

Make sure your site is compatible (test to know)


YOORshop Team


23rd Jan 2021 - Bored with Coronavirus news ? let's talk of the CO2 threat

Hey folks, Let's distract ourselves with another subject than the coronavirus one which liquefy us daily, I want to cross things with CO2 subject where Elon musk recently hitted the anthill with his lottery announcement about a 100 M$ prize, for who would propose the best technology to capture CO2...  Well, this is a gigantic financial prize ... Read More »