1st May 2020 - Importance of high availability web hosting

Check this article which demonstrates that Google not only check website uptime, but will also de-index your website !

28th Apr 2020 - Two-Factor authentication 2FA in cPanel

To use such feature to log in your cPanel, please refer to our article :


24th Apr 2020 - Infos : ZOOM videoconferencing application


We have heard a lot about Zoom: a very useful videoconferencing application for education professionals

ZOOM made the buzz in terms of security, indeed, for the slowness of the team to secure it properly, and in good because it is really well designed.

The latest news is that end-to-end encryption should stabilize the situation in a sustainable way: click here to read the article

To go further in this area with YOORshop, do not forget that we offer well with the Chamilo app


24th Apr 2020 - Infos : Google Shopping become Free


This is a major point for Ecommerce websites owners, Google Shopping is now free (old name Froogle), what are you waiting for ?

Ref : here

As a reminder, we give tips about SEO here

10th Apr 2020 - Infos : New Linux OS OpenVZ Virtuozzo available


Here are new OS available within your Virtualizor panel :

Centos 8 x86_64
Debian 9 x86_64
Debian 10 x86_64
Ubuntu 18 x86_64

As a reminder, you can't upgrade OS, you must reinstall VPS from scratch

30th Mar 2020 - Infos : fighting acidity in the body is fighting viruses

1. Here are explanations : here This is to inform all of us that the pH of the corona virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5. All we need to do to defeat the corona virus is to take more alkaline foods whose pH is higher than the pH of the virus.  Some are :  Lemon - 9.9pH  Lime - 8.2pH  Avocado - 15.6 pH  Garlic - 13.2 pH  Mango - ... Read More »

29th Mar 2020 - Infos : Google algorithm volatility, coronavirus, updates march 2020

Over the last weeks, the internet traffic has radically changed, and it seems that Google algorithms are impacted in term of adaptability, see here

Traffic spikes and drops has changed in all fields due to visitors changing their behavior. You can read more here

Keep an eye on SEO news

Our advice is to keep pragmatic and patient until things are stabilizing


29th Mar 2020 - Infos : Make your site responsive from september 2020

You can read explanations here why : click here

28th Mar 2020 - Infos : Real time World map Coronavirus infection

Please click here

You can choose the country you want either by the left column or by zooming directly on the map


20th Mar 2020 - Infos : Air ionizer at home or office, improve air quality and health


We tested, and recommend highly this small tool/product :

Wonderful cheap ionizer for home, tested and approved: https://bit.ly/2WwADe2

Health effects are impressive : https://bit.ly/2J0ACav