12th Jun 2020 - Technology Preview of NGINX Support for QUIC and HTTP/3


Great news for year 2021, HTTP/3 should be stable and deployed into our infrastructure.

The use of UDP is obviously the main evolution, providing a substantial speed advantage.

YOORshop Team

24th May 2020 - Now 15 days backups for shared hosting offers !


In order to consolidate premium quality of our web hosting services, we are increasing the duration of backups from 10 to 15 days.


YOORshop team

13th May 2020 - New domain extensions on sale : .io .life. .pro .travel

As a reminder, here are all domain extensions we propose :








































































7th May 2020 - Now 30 days backups for Cloud hosting offers !


In order to consolidate premium quality of our unique cloud clustered hosting service, we are increasing the duration of backups over 30 days.

As a reminder, a database backup is also performed every 12 hours.


YOORshop team

6th May 2020 - News: New Google Core Update May 2020

Please find essential facts here

6th May 2020 - Participate in collective research against covid-19 Coronavirus

Hello, It is possible to make the processor of your PC work with this collective research application in order to develop treatment and vaccine against the coronavirus Once downloaded, install the application, leave 'Fold as anonymous' In task bar, find the icon of application, and click on 'Web Control', at the top: 'I support research ... Read More »

1st May 2020 - Importance of high availability web hosting

Check this article which demonstrates that Google not only check website uptime, but will also de-index your website !

28th Apr 2020 - Two-Factor authentication 2FA in cPanel

To use such feature to log in your cPanel, please refer to our article :


24th Apr 2020 - Infos : ZOOM videoconferencing application


We have heard a lot about Zoom: a very useful videoconferencing application for education professionals

ZOOM made the buzz in terms of security, indeed, for the slowness of the team to secure it properly, and in good because it is really well designed.

The latest news is that end-to-end encryption should stabilize the situation in a sustainable way: click here to read the article

To go further in this area with YOORshop, do not forget that we offer well with the Chamilo app


24th Apr 2020 - Infos : Google Shopping become Free


This is a major point for Ecommerce websites owners, Google Shopping is now free (old name Froogle), what are you waiting for ?

Ref : here

As a reminder, we give tips about SEO here