15th Sep 2019 - Update drivers and software windows 10

Hello, We recommend this powerful and free software (for now :), to update your PC in depth: https://en.drvhub.net/ ('windows update' does not do this background work). Stay safe and perform to the maximum .... (Avoid accepting installation of avast during installation) YOORshop team Read More »

13th Sep 2019 - Reminder about PHP versions of branch 7

Hello, As you know, PHP versions change regularly. The PHP70 version became depreciated in December 2018, the PHP71 will be depreciated in December. Changes between versions are minor, but generally provide a gain of between 5 and 15%. We recommend testing directly PHP72 and PHP73 versions, check the compatibility immediately after your test to ... Read More »

11th Sep 2019 - Update Google Chrome Windows

Hello, It's important to update to the latest versions of Chrome for security reasons ... Tap on the top right of the 3 vertical dots, then 'Help', then 'About Google chrome' Greetings, YOORshop team Read More »

10th Sep 2019 - 1 day backup added to VPS

From today, backup retention for VPS switch from 2 to 3 !


YOORshop Team

10th Sep 2019 - Multiple payment card with Stripe

Hello, With the SCA standard coming into effect a few days, we are ready for the secure 3D. The update of our site also offers the possibility to add several credit cards. Greetings, YOORshop team Read More »

29th Aug 2019 - Updated to MariaDB 10.3

Hello, We have just completed the update of all servers to the latest stable version MariaDB mysql -V mysql  Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.3.17-MariaDB, for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1 Thank you, YOORshop team Read More »

17th Aug 2019 - Spam IP issues for emails free - alice - hotmail - outlook

Hello, Since a few weeks, our emails yoorshop.fr are rejected from time to time, and we think of a dysfunction of their sides because none of our IPs of sending is blacklisted : https://postmaster.free.fr/  YOORshop team Read More »

17th Aug 2019 - Use OpenVPN on Android in permanent mode

Hello, A very interesting feature exists on recent versions of Android: permanent VPN mode Here is the complete information to use OpenVPN from YOORshop : For android, you must use an external application : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.blinkt.openvpn&hl=fr (You will need to ask for the 'mobile' ... Read More »

30th Jul 2019 - How to migrate from Wix to Wordpress

Hi, Once you need more, you need a real independent website, and a host like YOORshop to host your website. The more complicated part is to transfer/convert website data to WordPress, we found an article that can help you in these steps ... Read More »

18th Jul 2019 - Paypal pricing changes, earn 0.75% through Stripe

Hello, From 06/06/2019 the PayPal fees have changed and they are of the order of 2.9% + 0.35 cents instead of 3.40% + 0.35 cents per transaction. The 2% tapering schedule for more than € 2,500 cashing is no longer available at PayPal. No big consequences at YOORshop, but considering that Stripe charges are 1.4% only (important difference of ... Read More »