15th Feb 2020 - Security Android - Sextape video case Benjamin Griveaux


A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of keeping your phone secure. The Benjamin Griveaux case reveals how neglect can turn against anyone, the phenomenon of "Revenge Porn"

Whatever you may think, the revelations are illegal in France, it seems that we are contaminated by the USA or everything is allowed.

The disclosing site was hosted by WIX on Irish servers : pornopolitique.com, and the complainants seem to have been right about the deactivation of the domain name at the registrar level, however the source links of the videos on WIX media server storage are still accessible. This shows how many legal difficulties can also obstruct attempts to appeal...

Be aware that the security of your phone can affect not only your personal life, but also your website in the sense that the hacker could find your access to the customer area, your cPanel. So, be careful, and warn because healing can be complicated.

Little reminder on a known fake blackmail :

A hacker claims to have a compromising video of you, and informs you by email. Be careful, you have to ask to see the proof, and nothing comes in general. We have seen a lot of blackmail attempts that are pure fakes. If the proof is there, contact the gendarmerie to find out how to proceed.

YOORshop team

Saturday, February 15, 2020

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