28th Aug 2020 - FFP2 Respiratory protection mask with valve and eye protection

Hello !

Here is a full-face respirator mask for adult and child, tested and sufficient to protect also eyes, and at this time, it only exist in China :


The included PM 2.5 filters are not technically sufficient against viruses, just cut an ordinary medical mask FFP2 into 3 pieces to create an equivalent sized filter as the one PM 2.5.

The breathing valve adds a certain comfort to wearing a mask, and the protective visor is simply brilliantly airtight by really molding closer to the face from the upper part of the mask.

YOORshop team

19th Aug 2020 - Warning bug : upgrade to Wordpress 5.5

Hi folks, If your are using wordpress, there is something you must know urgently concerning last Wordpress version 5.5. Indeed, the library jquery has been updated, and this could not work with your existing themes and plugins if not certified compatible with Wordpress 5.5. You can find more informations here and here Before any attempts, ... Read More »

18th Aug 2020 - Scripts News related to Softaculous in cPanel


As you know Softaculous is an awesome plugin present in your cPanel.

Daily, the existing scripts are updated, and new scripts are added, you can find all the news by this link.

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