19th Aug 2020 - Warning bug : upgrade to Wordpress 5.5

Hi folks,

If your are using wordpress, there is something you must know urgently concerning last Wordpress version 5.5.

Indeed, the library jquery has been updated, and this could not work with your existing themes and plugins if not certified compatible with Wordpress 5.5. You can find more informations here and here

Before any attempts, check editors themes and plugins websites to see if these elements will be compatible or not. Upgrade 1st the theme and plugins before attempting the Wordpress update.

Another way, and safe way, is to attempt Wordpress upgrade and see if dynamic elements of your website are broken, and if not ok, you will be able to revert back files and database to earlier version using backup tool we offer you in your cPanel : Jetbackup. (Note that a downgrade process can apparently corrupt data, so avoid this strategy)

How to upgrade ?

  • with internal tool given in your admin Wordpress
  • if you installed Wordpress with Softaculous, you have buttons to do this, checkout snapshot below : 
  • Remark : Softaculous has its own way to upgrade automatically your website, it is disabled by default. In case, you can edit the auto-upgrade/update settings by clicking the pen on the right of your install.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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