27th Feb 2020 - New YOORshop banners available for 2020


After the full revamp of our website, it was necessary to review of our banners :

  • design and text content
  • new formats

Please enjoy : https://www.yoorshop.hosting/banniereuk

Note that for the existing formats, we have kept the same names, if you used our image link on our site as a source, this made it possible to update the banners automatically.

20th Feb 2020 - Important : End support of protocol TLS v1.1

We have updated Nginx to no longer support TLS v1.1, and to avoid warnings in browsers

See international ref :


If you have problems, the only solution is updating

Our servers are already up to date under TLS 1.2 and 1.3, you can test your domain here : https://www.cdn77.com/tls-test

14th Feb 2020 - You get headache or migraine in front of your screen ?


Headaches and migraines occurring after many hours spent every day in front of your screen may well come from the blue light emitted by the screens, all computer scientists know this. Another simple cause is too high a brightness of your screen, lower it significantly, to the bare minimum, and you will see the eye tension go down within a few days.

The remedy does exist: wearing a pair of glasses with special computer glasses containing the famous blue light filters, counting 100-150 €, and spending this in your company's expenses is entirely credible. If you already wear glasses with diopter, then you will need to renew them, and add the option with the blue light filters for PC screen.

Here are some articles that explain why this problem is real and it is important to preserve the capabilities of your eyes: