27th Feb 2019 - Infos : Get internet access from satellite ISP OneWeb - StarLink

With a global coverage, and with high performance : see here

2 leaders :

Check their website : https://www.oneweb.world and Starlink

24th Feb 2019 - Vote contest of the best digital price


Vote if you like this innovative project :


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10th Feb 2019 - 3D NVMe SSD migration


Our supplier has delivered the new NVMe SSD 3D from Intel and Samsung, faster, and larger capacity : Intel

and Samsung

As you know, we can not help but put the best, even if the gain is minor.

We will generalize this evolution in the coming months through servers web1 web3 web5...

Any server migration will be notified in the network incident section

Thank you for your trust,

YOORshop team