20th Mar 2020 - Infos : Air ionizer at home or office, improve air quality and health


We tested, and recommend highly this small tool/product :

Wonderful cheap ionizer for home, tested and approved: https://bit.ly/2WwADe2

Health effects are impressive : https://bit.ly/2J0ACav

17th Mar 2020 - Infos : Important official websites to follow Coronavirus Pandemic

World Health Organization : https://www.who.int

What do at home while being stuck in quarantine at home ? click here

We recommend also to do Yoga at home, refer to the numerous videos existing on Youtube, click here

(This will help you to feel better in your body, and begin to learn to meditate on who you are)

Enjoy also free universal life lessons with Darshan de Sadhguru : click here

16th Mar 2020 - Infos Coronavirus : impact on Ecommerce eBusiness

Hello, With the isolation/quarantine of people around the world, the economic impact of physical stores is quite significant for the next few weeks. We believe that e-commerce will benefit significantly at the expense of physical outlets as long as you can prepare packages in safety, and deliver. In contrary case, if you continue selling, you ... Read More »

8th Mar 2020 - Public service announcement: protection against Coronavirus


Protecting yourself with good hygiene will always decrease your risk of contamination with microbes / bacteria / viruses

Wash your hands at least 30 seconds between outside and at home and between your work and the outside.

Equip yourself with textile and sanitary alcohol to clean :

DOOR HANDLES of your house (especially the entrance door)

CARS : steering wheel drive, and internal-external handle

TO NOT DO : Don't touch your eytes,nose/mouth if you have not washed your hands !

For masks, there are not many anymore in the commerce, there are those of construction which are always better than nothing, if not put a summer scarf to avoid breathing the ambient air in public places

Avoid going every 5 minutes to the supermarket or other, make complete shopping lists, and increase the quantities of things consumed a lot, finally, increase your food reserves, because the worst could be announced concerning the transport of goods!

Yours truly!