4th May 2017 - Integration CDN for international traffic and SEO gain...

You will not gain more than 5-10% speed in the distant regions of the globe ... since our servers are very fast and not overloaded, you will lose speed a little speed in Europe. Only HA hosting with full replication of your site, added with a local private CDN can make a difference of several seconds in the US and Asia :

If your traffic does not exceed 25% internationally, this is almost useless, but you can test

Reminder : with cloudflare for custom SSL, it costs 200$/mo !!! deterrent...

We recommend best and cheapest :

See also :
(There are many integration plugins at the bottom of this page)

Integration CDN for international traffic and SEO gain...

$ 49 / year, or 75 GB of traffic per month, which means a lot, see awstats of cpanel to evaluate your bandwidth consumption ...

For our case, we have done a manual integration of the static resources. This leaves our SSL EV intact. (Cloudflare is not performing enough and does not allow free to leave the main SSL of the site)

We use an alias with SSL let's encrypt from their platform :
(Which allows you to have interesting keywords within website as this is also supposed to play on SEO, this is the main reason why we use such CDN)

Test the situation before and after:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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