16th Mar 2021 - Web Hosting : explanations about the Disaster Recovery Plan

Hello everyone,

Today, we have decided to communicate on something which we are ready for long time, but, many people being under panic even if their site has not been affected, want to know more in general, and how YOORshop is dealing with this crucial point.

With tragedy event of OVH data center in Strasbourg on marsh 9th 2021, fears for data loss has been awakened, and worries has come to highest level. Many people ignore truly the details of backup strategy, and how emergency recovery plans will be handled by their host, in case this is contractually the web host responsibility.


For years, we always have diversified our infrastructure to prevent any sort of cataclysm that could put down our services

  • For Europe based services, we own an equally shared numbers of servers between the 3 data centers in France
  • We own several backup servers which are located in cross opposite destination of the backed up server, with a distance ranging from 50 to 350 kms, to thousands of kilometers for Canada and Singapore servers
  • Improvement to come within 3 weeks : we will soon set up backup servers located at least 500 KM in Europe from production servers, and with a supplier other than OVH
  • We maintain a free capacity to an average of 50% so that to have the immediate capacity for restoring services to already running servers


Incident of OVH data center in Strasbourg on marsh 9th, 2021

Incident started around 1 AM. Truly, we have been very little affected, and we triggered the Disaster Recovery Plan within 3 hours, after we observed that the situation would not recover quickly.

Not more than 8 cPanel accounts has been affected, and starting from 8 AM, all sites affected was already up.


From plan 3, on request, we can set up an extra backup to an external destination (VPS excluded)

This extra backup is also a guarantee against failure of our company. Everything must be considered !

Then, the question would be, which backup host to choose.

Criterion we consider here are :

  • use of cPanel/ a competent and reactive support / decent performance / possibly unlimited disk usage
  • all big web hosts should be excluded, they would especially fail in term of reactivity

For French speaking customers, Host https://www.o2switch.fr is optimal because they are reactive, and provide unlimited disk usage, on your request, they would put back in place your cPanel account exactly as it is based on the backup files, and all you will need to do is to update your DNS.

For English speaking customers, we would recommend https://krystal.uk/web-hosting 

Thank for your trust,

YOORshop Team

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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