3rd Aug 2016 - A VPN for all or nearly !

Using a VPN today is a professional tool that secure totally all connections from your PC against various attacks/spies, anonymizes, and improve quality of your internet connection.

  • This will also improve your bandwitdh, we have observed this ourselves, multiplication is from 2 to 3 depending on actions performed... How and why ? because your VPS VPN is compressing the content upstream !
  • Your official IP is static, no more issues with dynamic IPs and connectivity.
  • Your IP can be geolocated in more than 20 countries in the world !
  • App windows YOORshop is included to easily switch from 1 VPN server to another !

OpenVPN is the top solution among all existing protocols, the "proxy tunnel" method is really too basic and imperfect.

With a true VPN with OpenVPN (free license for 2 users/devices), installed on your own VPS, you will have all your connections secured from the computer to the Internet (FTP and SSH included), and you alone have access to your VPS guaranteeing you total control of your business

Read :  https://vpntunnel.com/faqs/top-five-vpn-advantages-benefits/ 

Integration in our offers, and new service :
For existing hosting customers with plans between €3,95 to €16,95 /mo, we offer OpenVPN service as an option at reduced price €39.95 /year  ! However L2TP is freely included.
For clients of Professional and reseller hosting plans, this is FREE !

To install a VPN yourself with a pruchase of a VPS, read :

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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