22nd Nov 2016 - End of 'Prestashop cloud'

Welcome to Prestashop Cloud users !
We learn this critical news by users who migrated with us with no delay...

Move your site to YOORshop, a professional hosting company offering performance, and reactivity

Order your hosting account with us, ask Prestashop for your backup, and we will after freely migrate your website. We recommend tyo move your site with no delay considering the new SSL requirement put in place by google by 1st january, 2017.

(Note that they recommend you Ovh and 1and1 which are known for their poor hosting service, don't make again a mistake...)

Their message :
Announcement - Changes coming to PrestaShop Cloud   logo-prestashop-white.png Announcement

Changes coming to PrestaShop Cloud   Hello,

As a current user of PrestaShop Cloud, we wanted to let you know about some important changes that are coming. You will need to take actions on your PrestaShop store.

PrestaShop Cloud was one of our first SaaS offers and as such, we kept this product 100% free, which is very unusual in our industry. We did this to give our community a valuable way to get started, and to give us important feedback on a cloud version of PrestaShop.

Based on extensive feedback, it's clear that our community wants the option to have premium hosting services with SLAs, dedicated resources when needed, and 24/7 hosting support. In order to satisfy these requirements, we're going to change the PrestaShop Cloud offer for all new users.

For existing users like you, we will provide several migration options so you can keep your PrestaShop store running, without any interruptions to your business. We will send you more information in the coming days, but rest assured…. You will be able to retain 100% of your store. You will have choices for managing this transition, and our goal is to have zero business impact for you.

You will be asked to migrate your store by 1 February 2017 so please mark this date in your calendars. 

Thank you,
Corinne Lejbowicz, CEO

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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