8th Mar 2020 - Public service announcement: protection against Coronavirus


Protecting yourself with good hygiene will always decrease your risk of contamination with microbes / bacteria / viruses

Wash your hands at least 30 seconds between outside and at home and between your work and the outside.

Equip yourself with textile and sanitary alcohol to clean :

DOOR HANDLES of your house (especially the entrance door)

CARS : steering wheel drive, and internal-external handle

TO NOT DO : Don't touch your eytes,nose/mouth if you have not washed your hands !

For masks, there are not many anymore in the commerce, there are those of construction which are always better than nothing, if not put a summer scarf to avoid breathing the ambient air in public places

Avoid going every 5 minutes to the supermarket or other, make complete shopping lists, and increase the quantities of things consumed a lot, finally, increase your food reserves, because the worst could be announced concerning the transport of goods!

Yours truly!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

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