12th Sep 2016 - Recommended Prestashop host


This note is for those in search of a powerful prestashop hosting...

We caution you against this page:

Indeed, we had wanted to appear in this section, we contacted PrestaShop, their answer came quickly, to be only we have to pay € 4,000 + up to 40% commission on all sales generated. Well, our answer was quick: NO

PrestaShop organization is simply very stingy, but worse, they do have no qualms to deceive people : the hosting companies of their sections are the worst in the market in general ....

As for their soliution prestashop cloud is simply a trap, you can not handle your store, you will have to leave, and to leave, you will have to pay 300 €:

PrestaShop is good, but only when we know their traps ...

Come to YOORshop, and you will be happy !

It is said.

Monday, September 12, 2016

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