7th Sep 2016 - Update website YOORshop


We have worked hard until now to improve our offer technically, and we believe that this site does not reflect anymore the YOORshop visual identity /design trend, and is not worth the actual design trend.

So we just started the new site development :

- The site will Responsive
- Information reorganization
- Dynamic Style Bootstrap

and more ....

By 2-4 weeks, the site will be live if all ok

We recommend them for their highly polyvalent skills to any of you....

Update aug, 28th, 2016

We are at 50%, new website is a set of amazing new things !

Update sept, 03rd, 2016

We are at 75%, UX design analysis ongoing, our logo and cloud picture in header are gonna be reworked totally

Update sept, 05th, 2016

We are at 95%, our logo has been reworked in a temporary manner....

Update sept, 07th, 2016

We are at 99%, we have pushed site live ! we will finish on the fly a dozens of point today and tomorrow

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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