21st Oct 2017 - Bonus backlink SEO YOORshop


Your review is very important to us, and for anybody wishing to find a quality web host !
Don’t hesitate telling others that you’re satisfied or not with our services.
Please note that a review must be authentic, objectiveand middle-term...

Conditions :
- be client at YOORshop from more than 31 days
- see rules of moderation in our TOS, art 16.4

How to receive credit :
Credit is added to your credit balance, and should be spent on services.

To reward of the time spent writing these reviews, we will offer you 15€ credit if you write a nearly unique review on these websites :

(Click on write a review, and login with your gmail account)


Once done, open a ticket support to Billing department to claim your credit.

Bonus backlink SEO YOORshop
Once YOORshop customer and for more than 31 days, you will earn about 1000 backlinks coming from our website thanks to our rating system which is extended to all our pages, and you will get backlinks also from external reviews websites...
(Attention, it is very important that there is a link back on your website so that there is an effect ... eg: specify your host with a link in your legal notice)

Sincerely yours,
Customer service YOORshop

Saturday, October 21, 2017

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