12th Feb 2018 - Migration to server NVMe SSD


Server : web1.hosting1976.fr SATA SSD

We will make you benefit soon of latest SSD technologies NVMe for free, instead of SATA SSD which is used in server web1.hosting1976.fr.
SSD NVMe is actually the maximum in term of quality of performance, and it is still very expensive for grade 'datacentre', and capacities are limited...

Some of you has been migrated already manually.

We have had to cut web1 server to have NVMe SSD server compatible disk capacity so that to migrate the last big part of remaining clients. These cuts has needed several steps of migrations.
Why ?

Following the deployment of our high availability solutions, our various infrastructures have been expanded and diversified, we now re-organize/optimize our infrastructure.

When and how ?

Your migration will be from 0h00 to 06h00 soon and we will send you an email as soon as we know the date.

This migration will not require any change of DNS and IP on your part.

The database write will be blocked during the entire migration time, but your sites will be visible without interruption almost.


Thank you for your attention,
Johann Carnevali - Direction YOORshop
YOORshop SAS - RCS Lyon 817466147
38 place des Pavillons, 69007 Lyon - France

Monday, February 12, 2018

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