10th Oct 2018 - Anti bot function by Nginx


Today, focus on the anti-bot function that exists in your cpanel by the Nginx plugin.

This function is underutilized and can render a good service in many cases.

Reference : https://support.yoorshop.hosting/knowledgebase/3077/You-are-under-ddos-attack.html 

See :

1. Bots do not accept cookies in general, this filter will not let through if the cookie is not accepted.
All popular bots like google and other are excluded from the cookie test
Here is the option in Nginx for temporary or permanent solution :
see 'Application settings', see line : 'cookie_test', click on 'Enabled', and at bottom : 'Submit'

Check if there are no side effects, in which case you can easily disable it from your cPanel. It is totally normal to see added in URL : test_bot=1

(NB: If a legitimate robot is blocked due to its role in your activity, we can authorize it on request, we need its name 'user agent' or IP if static)

Have a good bot hunt !

YOORhop Team

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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