25th Apr 2018 - HA cluster CDN offer


We have been able to develop the system after many months of work, but the expected result in terms of loading speed on points far away from the nodes of the cluster, even master, do not give the expected results... This remains function as a cluster, but we can't say 'CDN' to the extent that loading speed is not truly increased at far distance.

The causes of these limitations are multiple:
- limitation of database software in multipoint replication : maxscale
- applications needing to write on the master database at each visit to the site

For these reasons, we remain on our end, and will not put online this offer pending new technical possibilities.

Nevertheless, we have learned a lot, and some of this CDN version has been integrated into our HD version.

For those who need a CDN, we recommend a combination of our HD offer with a third party CDN as keyCDN for loading static data...

Otherwise, for our site YOORshop, we cumulate the HD version, and we created mirrors in the US and in Asia with auto-sync of files and databases depending on needs, so we are well HD with CDN with a maximum speed on 3 continents. This requires that the management backoffice be mounted on a subdomain so as to leave only the catalog part in geo-distribution, and as soon as a dynamic event with database writing occurs, the visitor must be switched to the subdomain that is in France in HD... (We can offer the same configuration but on request only, as it is pretty complex/custom)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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