2nd Apr 2018 - Persistent Spam "Remedy against nail fungal infection"


For several weeks, we have been seeing very persistent spam promoting a "remedy against nail fungal infection"

Facts :
- issuing domains change every day
- the same recipients are invaded by this promotional message
- targeted emails are generic emails whether they have been exposed on the internet or not

We decided to take several measures this morning at 04:30 :
- We complained to our colleagues who host these VPS issuers based in Hungary and Romania
- We managed to create a custom spam filter at the server level that quarantines spam messages

We remind you the base to not be spammed easily, and you also have the responsibility :

Finally, outside the methods of communication and commercial of this firm, we are at least agree on one point, there are many powerful and natural antifungals that can get rid of it, especially that summer comes with bare feet, so take care of yourself :)

One of our customers can help you and suggest things can be :

In parallel :
We are launching our quarterly anti-spam operation that will last 2-3 days

Monday, April 2, 2018

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