25th Feb 2018 - Antivirus recommendation


As you can imagine, viruses for windows, apple, and even android are proliferating.

Unfortunately, the online comparators are all equally null, limiting themselves to listing the characteristics, not to demonstrate which one among the antivirus softwares is the strongest. This reminds us of the same problem of web hosting service comparison sites, the first in the comparison is by chance who pays the highest level of affiliation !

Well, at YOORshop, we made some tests did it by selecting a panoply of recent and significant viruses/trojans/js scripts all confused OS.
This antivirus has been tested by our team to be the number 1 with no doubt, rank 2: bitdefender, 3 : Kaspersky, 4 : the rest as avast are very low level...

The winner is very clear, it's ESET.

Proceed as follows:
- do a scan with your current antivirus, and note the results (there is a lot of chances that with ESET he will find things)
- uninstall any antivirus on your PC, and restart
- install the ESET antivirus
- Once installed, reboot your PC, perform the initial scan and perform a complete second scan of your PC
Once done, delete or disinfect everything that was found, if disinfect fail, you must delete the infected files

Discover the many possible settings and adjust as needed

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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