9th Jul 2017 - Default version PHP 7 cPanel


PHP 7 provides significant performance gains over PHP56, so it's important to question yourself and investigate the feasibility...
As a reminder, the PHP 54 55 versions are deprecated in terms of security. PHP56 will also be depreciated on 30/12/2017.
PHP cloudlinux version are security patched even for old versions, contrary to PHP cpanel versions

On shared hosting servers with PHP cloudlinux :
PHP7 becomes the default PHP cloudlinux version used for new account creations, it does not affect existing accounts.
This does not affect the PHP versions used because you use the PHP Cloudlinux
At the beginning of the school year, we will put PHP7 as the default version for new accounts created...

On managed servers with cPanel PHP :
PHP7 becomes the default PHP cPanel version for new account creations, it does not affect existing accounts
In this case, it affects sites that used the native PHP56 release, this upgraded to PHP70 (if you are using a PHP version other than PHP56, this has not been affected)
In case of problem, you can, from your cPanel in MultiPHP manager, put back version PHP56.
Depending on your modules, the compatibility can be partial or full, you have to check thoroughly, all that is critical: sales / cashing, etc ...

NB :
In general, compatibility is affected only because of 1-2 modules. Check especially 3rd party modules.
See the editor for a PHP7 compliant update.

YOORshop team

Sunday, July 9, 2017

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