Hosting postgreSQL
A relational database management system (RDBMS) Robust

PostgreSQL is one of the best database management systems, particularly in terms of storage and massive data insertions. It comes from POSTGRES, a creation of the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Berkeley.

You can choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL for your databases directly from your cPanel.

Features unique to PostgreSQL :

Generally, PostgreSQL provides integrity stronger than MySQL. In addition, many types of data are also available (tables, XML, etc.). You can even create your own data types, or create your own functions to build specific queries.

External modules allow you to have data types prepared by experts, and PostgreSQL also offers a powerful and scalable engine indexing, allowing you to accelerate the search queries of your applications ...

This type of RDBMS is particularly suited for scientific and statistical calculations, financial applications or detailed management of transactions.

Manageable from PhpPgAdminHosting with postgreSQL and phpPgAdmin

PhpPgAdmin is the tool of choice for managing your PostgreSQL databases. It will allow you to manipulate as close all of your data.

It is easy to use and is available in 27 languages. Managing your data will ease ! 

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