10th Mar 2022 - Live news and realtime map about war between Ukraine Russia

Hi Folks,

We are all worried more than ever since covid of how Russian aggression is going to shape the end of our world as known today.

Live news feed about war between Ukraine Russia here

Realtime map of bombing and humanitarian channels here

To reassure you, our servers are not located near or far from the war zone. Trafic from Russia and Ukraine is filtered for years, and we have strong ddos protections in case of cyber attacks

Our backups are located at long distance from the production servers, ie in Finland.

Courage to all, and hope for a peace agreement soon...

YOORshop Team

1st Mar 2022 - How to improve internet speed and security in android and router

Hi, As you may know, default DNS settings in routers and android are most of the time the google's one, this is not providing any privacy at all, and not the best performing network, which also can be targetted by attacks. Cyber war is a daily routine nowadays. Using private DNS, means using TLS channel for your traffic, keeping it safe from ... Read More »