30th Jul 2019 - How to migrate from Wix to Wordpress

Hi, Once you need more, you need a real independent website, and a host like YOORshop to host your website. The more complicated part is to transfer/convert website data to WordPress, we found an article that can help you in these steps ... Read More »

18th Jul 2019 - Paypal pricing changes, earn 0.75% through Stripe

Hello, From 06/06/2019 the PayPal fees have changed and they are of the order of 2.9% + 0.35 cents instead of 3.40% + 0.35 cents per transaction. The 2% tapering schedule for more than € 2,500 cashing is no longer available at PayPal. No big consequences at YOORshop, but considering that Stripe charges are 1.4% only (important difference of ... Read More »

10th Jul 2019 - YOORshop Head office address transfer

Our new address is :

38 place des Pavillons

69007 Lyon

2nd Jul 2019 - Price and resources evolution

Hello, We have decided to make our offers more attractive in several times and at different levels. 90 days ago, we migrated all customers from the old Bronze, Silver, Gold plans to the EURO1 Plan without a price change as a first step The old plans Bronze, Silver, Gold no longer exist. Customers who have been on old plans and are paying more ... Read More »