23rd Jan 2021 - Bored with Coronavirus news ? let's talk of the CO2 threat

Hey folks,

Let's distract ourselves with another subject than the coronavirus one which liquefy us daily, I want to cross things with CO2 subject where Elon musk recently hitted the anthill with his lottery announcement about a 100 M$ prize, for who would propose the best technology to capture CO2... 

Well, this is a gigantic financial prize to attract attention of the whole world, bravo on this Elon, but, we are not all as clever as Elon and the thousands of scientists/engineers which area already elaborating strategies for the sake of making our world better livable with less CO2.

I think that Elon has already the full knowledge of all existing inventions/ideas, including his one possibly, and want to force action by bringing together all forces, and start the battle with no more delays. If I'm right, he is right :), it's time to truly begin the battle with what we have, and if something better come later, nothing is unchangeable.

As a geek, I browsed the internet, read a lot of articles where informations sounds reliable, and I tried to understand the key points on this subject.

Question 1 : Does such level of CO2 has never been seen in the past ?

No, 3 millions years ago, such levels were already existing

Question 2 : What is then the issue today with such CO2 level ?

Us, earth is having its natural warming cycle on which we can't do anything objectively. Human life is accelerating the CO2 saturation in atmosphere and is threatening our living. We must do something pro-active to co-live with such circumstances, and we must regulate the CO2 level in several manners, both massively, but also everywhere where CO2 concentration is too high.

Question 3 : Where there is the most CO2 to capture and recycle ?

In the atmosphere, at 11km high, and this is here that the biggest job needs to be started. I found an article about company Carbonity which sounds pretty impressive in term of capture and recycling CO2

Question 4 : Is there anything to capture at ground level ?

Yes, absolutely. CO2 is everywhere, then there is not a single solution. The ground/low altitude CO2 level is as important as the one in high atmosphere. Reducing our CO2 production has revealed to be from far insufficient. Nature can do it for us, but we must help it. From my point of view, the work of scientist Joannne Chory is impressive, and full of credibility

Question 5 : Is there hope ?

Without hope, there is nothing to think, but with hope, there is everything to think about, and try to achieve.

Governments are the biggest power able to converge, and take actions. It's fortunate that new US president Joe Biden has decided to reinstate USA into the Paris climate agreement

Question 6 : Can Elon Musk do something about it ?

Probably, when looking at his biography and all innovative companies in which he has been involved, no doubt, he loves challenges, and his last announcement is just one more. His mediatic exposition, credibility are extremely high. Altruism is one of the key character to define him, he wants to change the world his way. We wish him all the best !


Johann Carnevali

Saturday, January 23, 2021

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