16th Mar 2020 - Infos Coronavirus : impact on Ecommerce eBusiness


With the isolation/quarantine of people around the world, the economic impact of physical stores is quite significant for the next few weeks.

We believe that e-commerce will benefit significantly at the expense of physical outlets as long as you can prepare packages in safety, and deliver. In contrary case, if you continue selling, you should announce realistic delays for delivery before sales or inform after sales.

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The circulation of goods and home delivery should theoretically not be too disturbed in the long term, both nationally and in Europe.

In terms of data centers, our suppliers have switched to teleworking, only the data center intervention technicians necessary for physical intervention on the servers are needed.

A treatment based on existing molecules has been found already by French lab VirPath in Lyon. If validated, this will allow a quick and massive production-distribution worldwide, it is now being tested : read


YOORshop team

Monday, March 16, 2020

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