29th Jun 2019 - Price increase on cPanel licenses


The announcement of the increase in the price of cPanel WHM licenses has made the effect of a bomb among web hosts using WHM cPanel.

Indeed, the increase is the kind to put KO web hosts selling services at low prices (which is not the case at all YOORshop). The increase is a major change in the pricing model based on an increased fixed, and on a commission per active cPanel account: $ 0.20

CPanel servers have suffered large scale Ddos attacks just to send a signal.

YOORshop will not touch its prices and will absorb the rise without problem given our philosophy and strategy ... For cons, for those who have cPanel licenses on non-managed VPS, the increase will be postponed, we will not sell any more cPanel licenses.

cPanel lost his head? no doubt, well not us! We are going to study the alternatives to cPanel : it would be DirectAdmin, but even better opensource like Virtualmin, ISPconfig, Centos web panel, Cyberpanel.... We also intend to develop/sustain new panel project

We will even skip the limitations on certain angles, and offer a better experience. This project will start on July 1st, 2019, this will be our summer project.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

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