6th Apr 2016 - Temporary suspension of PageSpeed

We have been alerted as all over the world by Google, this version pagespeed a security breach. This means basically that a new hacker has found a flaw, so it is from this point that it is dangerous in theory !

Our high security of websites make that we are confident about their safety, but by precaution we disable pagespeed right now server wide, and will be waiting to learn more about the way to go ahead... You have nothing to do !


Result of the investigation :

We update Nginx + pagespeed every week, and we were already using the latest version 11.33-0-beta :

Google has indeed bugged with wrong recipients in these mailing lists !

We have re-activated pagespeed!

The case is closed


Update 25/07/2016

Pagespeed is removed because it is not reliable, and the gain is almost zero in fact, and the compression at the server level is the gain made...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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