25th Oct 2015 - Report on these last times...


As you know, we have had a turbulent period because of performance optimizations: mysql, and security with the attacks of all types especially against wordpress sites (this is the fault of wordpress, users, and last us : we shoudl nto accept un secure websites, neither lazy users) but also many other types of attacks... We apologize anyway sincerely for perturbations that has occured.

All this is plain and classic in every host, it has not been found safety, or performance, much less perfect availability! what we can do is adjust and do the best. We have nothing to reproach to ourselves because our existing security plan has always protected websites/server against many threats. Security/performance is an adapting strategy and a delicate compromise to find in time, not something static we could buy as a boxed software... it's an art at server level !

We are happy because yesterday we had bloody attacks new types yet (which is ultimately quite ordinary in networks), and our server countered this with a surprising lightness thanks to all that we have up lately: requires a long observation, etc ... and many adjsutements. We now think being at the stable point.

Thank you for your attention,
many other

Sunday, October 25, 2015

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