28th Mar 2015 - Update of our offers, and TOS

Hello everyone,

Following to recurrent overload of our customer service, and disk usage misuses detected on offer at € 1.95/mo in particular, we have removed this offer that does not match moreover that we want to offer, a quality service for medium-higher budgets customers

Also, we had to re-set the number of websites :

- Slightly limit the number of websites on the accounts for the risks of over-use of disk space servers.

In our TOS page :

- The concept of 'Unlimited' for disk space refers to space necessary dive directly related to the professional operation of your site ...
- The storage of personal files is not tolerated
- Eventually, you should not store more than one backup in your account, as this is a waste with our existing backups.
- Picture gallery sites tolerated 10GB on offer at € 3.95, 15GB on offer at € 5.95, 20GB on offer at € 8.95, 25GB on offer at € 12.95, 30GB on offer at € 16.95

Saturday, March 28, 2015

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