19th Dec 2015 - Anti-bot server wide done !

We have managed to set up a txt robots at Nginx server which will stop the villains robots known to everyone with a 444 code ! see awstats/cpanel as en example here :
444 Unknown error 4 751 2.9 % 0

Why ?
- many users forget to setup this important tools, or don't know how... Now it is our duty !
- bots don't respect even anymore the presence/content of robots.txt files ! :

We hope this wil not cause any issues, we made it soft to begin !

See your visits in real time in cpanel / visitors / click state in the settings button on the right, click to see status/the error codes, and if you see 444 error, contact us so that we look at what we can do ...

12.20.2015 6:01 - First feedback :

It seems that our system works pretty at all for those first 24 hours, 3-7% of traffic depending on each site is caught in the filters and sent to the black hole ... We'll see if we can do better the next days. We need 30 days stats from 1st of the month to see better things, and also wait for users feedbacks in case of legit traffic would be blocked : low probability but not impossible

Saturday, December 19, 2015

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