17th Apr 2018 - Make sure you comply with GDPR law


As a subcontractor to our customers, we are currently in compliance with the GDPR that will be in force on May 25, 2018, we have also updated our TOS in point 12.17.

1. Automatic notifications for security
We recently implemented an automated script that will notify you by email for every 30 minutes (almost in real time) if infections have been quarantined or if there are serious suspicions about items. It complements the monthly security scan, and its email report you already receive.
This corresponds to our obligation to inform you of any information relating to the security of your website. Our pre-existing and already high level of security allowed us to fully meet the new regulations.

If your account is compromised one way or another, It is your responsibility then to assess whether personal data have been compromised, to inform Afnic and your customers, and to repair your website.

You also remain fully responsible for processing your data in your business, and you must comply, take a specialized provider if necessary.

2. Update of point 15 of our TOS, which justifies that we do not propose button of inscription/unsubscription to the Newsletter :


15.1. The Company does not use a newsletter process with its customers, but a News section that can be consult freely anytime : here.

15.2. The customer expressly agrees and in a non-opposing way to receive timely and automated communications by email about changes to the GTCS, or any significant technical changes in order to continue the proper use or the best possible use of our services. Also, everything related to the operation of the Customer's service in the event of a malfunction

Some references :


Thank you for your attention,
YOORshop team

Impact GDPR on eCommerce website

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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