8th Apr 2018 - Anti-spam: new tool available in cPanel : BoxTrapper


Given the growing spammery, which affects daily work life, it is important that we show you a way out that will preserve you, a new feature is available in cPanel: BoxTrapper. This tool makes great service depending on the degree of spam ...

Indeed, studies show the psychological impact on victims of spam: irritability, amplification of perception of saturation, reduction of productivity...

This allows you to add a filter to newsletters and robots that send you emails. They will receive a link to click so that the message reaches you.
Similar service to Mailinblack but free ! Moreover, validation is simple contrary to Mailinblack, it does not discourage your prospect from validating the message submission...
You will also receive a synthetic automated email from us each day that will summarize what is queued by account, this email greatly facilitates the task and helps you not to miss important mails.

Please read carefully the recommendations and modalities of activation and use of BoxTrapper :

In parallel :
We are launching our quarterly anti-spam operation that will last 2-3 days

Thank you for your understanding
YOORshop team

NB :
- for resellers, if you use custom features in your packages, you must enable icon BoxTrapper in feature manager of the package

Sunday, April 8, 2018

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