21st Apr 2017 - High availability hosting with private CDN in EU USA ASIA

Advantages :

High availability 100%
4 servers : 1 server on each large continent EU(France), US and Asia. In France, main server is doubled by another one in another datacentre located in France too.
100% data replication between servers
If a server falls, the next one takes over at the visitors level, sites and emails are not interrupted, even if the main server in France falls.
If the main server in France falls, the management of cPanel hosting account, FTP and emails are not accessible the time of our intervention...
(mails to deliver are queued at slave levels waiting for delivery through master server)
However, it is possible, even using our DNS, to use an external mail service to avoid this disturbance at the level of emails.

Private CDN 100%
This means that the traffic is automatically distributed to the server closest to the visitor.
We use the same servers that make up the above replication function

Native SSL support
SSL will work perfectly too...

100% High availibility hosting with private CDNDisadvantages :

The websites must function with PHP-FPM + Nginx, different from the traditional offer: Proxy + Nginx
Consequently, htaccess that is an apache invention does not work properly ...
Templates by CMS exist, and we will be there to customize them as needed ...

Important notes :

This remains an offer for sites with high criticality, this service requires a lot of hardware, maintenance, and also customer support.
The offer will be similar to the professional offer, 2 times more expensive, and the disk space will be reduced by 2 at least ...

Friday, April 21, 2017

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