Speed gain with us vary from 15% to 300%. This really depends on website tested, web host you come from, and proper testing method...

3rd party web host comparison test our servers daily, and they tell clearly that we are in top 3 fastest host on earth, check it here

Tip : You can test speed of websites of our clients who posted reviews on our website (test several websites, some not well optimized may not perfom optimal)

First method is a visual appreciation on speed starting from homepage, next go to a category, next go to a product page.

You will observe that product page is much faster than homepage, this is because :
- at 1st visit, much elements of your page has been cached in visitor's browser...
- a product page is generally much lighter than rest of pages of your site

Note that :
- most of your visitors will not reach first page first which is in general heaviest on a website due to sliders, etc... but rather a product page
- testing a homepage speed is not a very probant test to assess server or website speed.

You can observe better server speed on heavy processes you could do from your admin, in catalogue section by example...
We can easily compare on same server the loading speed of a pure PHP website with a prestashop website, we find an uncompressible 400-500 ms difference, even with a top optimized prestashop website, because prestashop for example has to load all modules at first request... and whatever the most server you would use !

Finally, all sites does not load equally, this is simply because each site is uniquely using a custom template, and many third party modules which will all influence the final loading speed...

Our hosting services are optimized for all CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento :

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Test your website on your actual server, move with YOORshop, and test again :

Do you know ?
- your ranking in Google will be better if your website loads fast, and you will sell more on your website because your prospects will appreciate the speed when browsing your catalogue, see our dedicated article :

- having your website in full SSL is also unavoidable if you want to maximize user experience and your sales :