When you're thinking about switching of web host, this often means several things are not going well... and you're right because all must run smoothly. Indeed, a web hosting company has a large impact over your business, and people often underestimate this last fact :

- a quick and stable server makes naturally both users happy and likely to buy, but also help your SEO as Google is checking the load speed of your website to rank you...

- a reactive customer support encourages you to evolve in a positive way, and help not being bothered by late/long/unaccurate answers...

At YOORshop, we are aware of the actual market conditions in every ways, and our moto is to make you happy in any ways. We don't sacrify quality because we grow, and need to cut costs, this is a fundamental element of our philosophy.

To switch from your actual web host to us, you must first order your new hosting account with us, and after,  to transfer your files by Ftp from your old web host to your new hosting account with us.

We are offering the transfer of your website in most of our offers, in case you know how to do it, we will appreciate if you could do it yourself, as it will save us times in our busy timetable.

Our dedicated article :

In some cases, you also need to import-export separately your database using PhpMyAdmin, and re-config the new database informations in the corresponding config files once they are on your new hosting account. In case you need help, be sure that we will help you, or even do it for you if too difficult.

For your domain name, you will just need to update the DNS at your actual registrar with the one we will give you when ordering. Or you can choose to transfer your domain directly to YOORshop, please note that when your order with yearly payment, domain transfers and renewals are free lifetime !

Our hosting offer includes cPanel with Softaculous, this means an intuitive admin panel (cPanel) for your hosting account, and inside there, you will find a fantastic software named Softaculous which will help you install among 350 popular scripts 'hands free' in your hosting account ! This means you can build websites fast, even if you're not a developer !

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